Rules to play Dota 2 online video games

The first step is hero selection in playing Dota 2. It is also known as the “drafting phase”. Like MOBAs, in Dota 2, once a hero is chosen, the chosen hero will be on the team and will perform unavailable for drafting for the other side. Our guide recommends going with a Single Draft if a player is entirely new for this game. The game limits the number of selections one has to make going into each game. Besides, while you start the game, it helps one learn a small set of heroes instead of try taking all of them at once. The most important thing to do while playing the game is reading details on each hero’s skillset and playstyle.

It takes about a minute of dead time while starting the game before the creeps spawn, and all ten heroes can move around the map liberally at the meantime. Take this time to purchase your starting items that consist of Iron Branches for supplementary health and mana, Tangoes for regenerating health and a Healing Salve to use in an emergency. To support heroes, you will need Observer Ward or two to provide much-needed vision. For more information please visit

Then, you have your starting items, head out to one of the lanes staying beside your team’s map. Which lane you visit will depend on which hero you’re playing. The game begins, once the creeps spawn. Each creep wave meets in the mid of each lane, where they attack each other automatically. Note that heroes can attack their creeps if they are not more than 50 percent HP and score last hits on them.

All the heroes have a basic damage-dealing attack. Each hero holds at least four abilities, each of which is unique that is the primary method of fighting their enemy. Then take down your opponent’s towers to push towards the Ancient. The team that first destroys the Ancient of their enemies wins the game.


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